Fuerteventura, a unique destination for a family holiday

Enjoying the company of our family, making plans together and breaking with home routine are some of the reasons that move us to look for a family holiday. Some relaxing days accompanied by the most important people of our life may become an authentic unforgettable experience if we choose destinations that are natural gems. Destinations like Fuerteventura, in the Canary Islands.

With an extension of almost two square kilometres, Fuerteventura is —after Tenerife— the largest of the Canary Islands and the oldest one, hence its historical and cultural charm. A place where to enjoy stunning plains with unique sunsets, to walk along endless beaches of bright and dark sand and to contemplate some of the best views of the Atlantic.

Cofete beach, Fuerteventura

Cofete beach, Fuerteventura

Why choosing the island of Fuerteventura for your desired family holiday? It is simple:

  • Fuerteventura is a really charming and natural national destination
  • The island offers a gastronomy that will make the delicacies of children.
  • It has a wide entertainment offer. Yes, there are lots of varied plans available in Fuerteventura.

Plans for the whole family

  • A tour around the beaches of the island

You cannot go to Fuerteventura with your family and not visit some of its most beautiful beaches. Apart from having a walk along them and taking pictures, spending a morning of games and baths in some of the most emblematic ones is, no doubt, the star plan in this national destination.

Which are the recommended beaches for those who travel as a family? Due to their good access and incredible views, we recommend Cofete, the great beaches of Corralejo, Sotavento beach and, finally, Costa Calma.

  • Excursion and meal in the mountains

Although the island is quite flat, Fuerteventura features some mountainous areas where to enjoy family excursions and meals in authentic wooden picnic areas. To avoid wandering without a clear destination, the perfect option is Lara Castle, an unknown area of the island with barbeques, woods and leisure areas for the whole family.

  • Visit to the artisan market of Tetir

The artisan market of Tetir is one of the most charming attractions of the island. Although it is only held the first Sunday of the month, it deserves a visit if you want to take part of the essence of Fuerteventura back home with you (in the form of one or two souvenirs).

Family Friendly Hotels in Fuerteventura

IBEROSTAR Fuerteventura Palace: Located in the area of Playa Jandía and at the beachfront, the IBEROSTAR Fuerteventura Palace is an ideal hotel for families as, apart from its spa and swimming pools, it offers an exclusive miniclub to children.
IBEROSTAR Playa Gaviotas Park: With its large swimming pools, its exclusive rooms and its miniclub, the IBEROSTAR Playa Gaviotas Park is another one of the reference hotels for families in Fuerteventura. How can you spend your time while children have a nap? Making the most of the services offered at the hotel’s spa and gym.
IBEROSTAR Playa Gaviotas: Our last recommendations is the IBEROSTAR Playa Gaviotas , a hotel with a wide entertainment offer designed for families, and with an exclusive gastronomic and sport programme.

What to do in Fuerteventura with your family?

Fuerteventura is of the most charming islands in the Canary Islands. Tenerife is really popular, but Fuerteventura is becoming also really famous among travellers, especially Jandia Beach, one of the largest beaches in the island, perfect for watersports and one of the best family holiday destinations.

If you are planning your next family holidays, we suggest you visit Fuerteventura, a multicultural island with amazing volcanic landscapes and where you will enjoy the nice African climate, the sun, the beaches and the delicious gastronomy.

Are you ready to discover Fuerteventura?

family accomodation in Jandía Beach

family accomodation in Jandía Beach

Which places to visit?

You cannot miss Jandia Beach in the beautiful Atlantic island. It’s not just the most beautiful beach in the island, but one of the biggest in the Canary Islands. It’s also the place where you will find most of the greatest hotel offer.

Fuerteventura hosts Lebrancho Rock, one of the most popular festivals in the island. Local and Canarian music groups are playing in this famous festival close to Holy Week.

Visit Llano’s Cove in Fuerteventura, a unique adventure for your family that will make you discover the volcanic eruptions history and its consequences, as well as the exotic animals living in the coves.

Miguel de Unamuno lived in Fuerteventura during his exile. He lived in a house which is now a museum, Unamuno’s Museum. You can find some of his unique writings written while he was in Fuerteventura.

Accommodation options

If you want to stay in Fuerteventura, there’s a hotel chain offering all the comfort and excellent services your family needs. IBEROSTAR has three hotels and you can choose the one that best meets your needs.

  • Fuerteventura Palace Hotel: it’s located in Jandia Beach in an exclusive area. This All-Inclusive hotel is only oriented to adults and offers a great spa & wellness area. All your need will be met in this hotel.
  • Playa Gaviotas Hotel: gourmet gastronomy, sport areas and kids club for children under the age of 16. It’s one of the best All-Inclusive hotels in Fuerteventura for couples and families.
  • Playa Gaviotas Park Hotel: a family friendly hotel which offers an amazing Bowling Bar, outdoor pools, live music and a small disco; 3 kids club; fitness and spa areas. All these and much more at Jandia Beach.