Tips on how to keep cool this summer in Majorca

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At Sol Hotels we are absolutely certain that you shouldn’t wait any longer to visit the wonderful Island of Calm. And as you might guess, it’s gloriously hot in every part of this beautiful destination. Travelling to Majorca means lots of things. And in these months, more than anything, it means sun, heat, the beach and refreshing treats. It sounds good, doesn’t it? But the island is much more than just that, so this summer we want to make some recommendations to help you enjoy your holiday to the fullest in our Sol Resorts whilst protecting yourself from the long hours of sunshine and heat.

 Drink a lot of water

 Yes, it seems obvious, but we often forget that being hydrated is essential to combat the long hours of heat and so that our energy levels are not affected. If we don’t drink enough, we can feel tired and even dizzy. It is advisable to always carry a bottle of water and to drink regularly. 

Beaches? Yes please!

 It would be a madness to go to Majorca and not step foot on any of its heavenly beaches. In fact, immersing yourself in the crystal clear Mediterranean water is one of the best ways to combat high temperatures, so we absolutely recommend it. We especially advise you to visit the beaches of the coast of Calviá, Alcudia and Calas de Majorca. Remember that it is better not to be directly exposed to the sun in the middle of the day, so we recommend that you bring a sun umbrella.

 Shopping centres, what a great excuse!

 Without seeming too old-fashioned, sheltering from the heat in the fresh cooler air of the shopping centres can give you the chance to have a little stroll whilst you get some ideas about what souvenirs it would be nice to take home. For this quest, we recommend that you visit the capital and, specifically, Avenida de Jaume III, a wide street with luxury shops, and Calle de San Miguel.

 The Tramuntana towns and villages

 You will not exactly escape the heat, but you’ll be cooler thanks to the altitude. The villages of the Sierra de Tramuntana have a special magic that is well worth getting to know at any time of year and if it is during the summer, you’ll appreciate the added benefit of the temperature being a little bit lower. The most typical places are Esporles, Valldemossa, Sóller, Deia and Lluc.

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