Zaragoza, Barcelona and Granada, three perfect destinations for traveller families

It’s said that before travelling to other continents, you must know your country. Despite the beaches of Dominican Republic, the big avenues of Paris or the dynamism of London attract us (because we all want discover the world), our country has as amazing places as the capital of Tamesis or the narrow streets of Tullerias park.

These destinations are perfect for family holidays because, is there anything better than discovering our country in our own car with our beloved ones in summer?

Among many family friendly destinations, we stand out three of them today. Three historical places where to discover our culture and history. We are talking about Zaragoza, Barcelona and Granada.

Zaragoza, the magic of a stately city

Pilar Basilique, Zaragoza

Pilar Basilique, Zaragoza

It’s a world-famous city due to its gastronomy and the lovely accent of locals. Zaragoza is a perfect family destination and offers a wide range of leisure activities during summer. You can either enjoy a long walk or a must-do trip (like Pilar Basilique one).

Zaragoza is one of the best connected destinations in Spain, as it’s just 300 kilometres away from Barcelona, Valencia, Bilbao, Madrid and Toulouse.

The impressive Barcelona

Whatever we are looking for on our holidays, Barcelona is always a great option full of alternatives. It’s the perfect place for family holidays. This city offers high quality gastronomy, outstanding museums and amazing beaches like Barceloneta.

You can enjoy nice walks, running or cycling in Barcelona. Which is the best place where adults have fun and kids are safe? Parc del Forum, a closed space perfect for families with spectacular sea views.

Between tapas tours and Alhambra

Granada offers us a lovely jasmine aroma, traditional tapas and unique monuments like the Alhambra. Granada is also the perfect destination for family holidays. What’s the perfect plan? Visit Alcaiceria (the perfect place where to buy silver or bronze jewellery with Moroccan touches), reach the top of Albaicin and visit the popular Alhambra (book your tickets in advance). In conclusion, it’s a place where to feel the lovely Andalusian essence and traditions.

Three hotels in three perfect destinations

Vincci Zaragoza Centro

Vincci Zaragoza Centro is the perfect hotel for those families who want to visit Zaragoza from the best location in the city. This avant-garde hotel is within a few steps from the city’s old town and has its own parking (essential if you want to keep your family car safe) and offers bike rentals at affordable prices.

Vincci Gala

One of the best family friendly hotels in Barcelona in Plaza de Cataluña and Las Ramblas, Vincci Gala. This hotel is built on a 1900 building. It’s perfectly located and offers excellent extras to make family stays perfect.

Vincci Albayzin

This Arabic style hotel has all the charm of Andalusia. Vincci Albayzin is a perfect hotel for families who want to discover Zaragoza. The hotel’s staff treatment is excellent. This 4-star hotel location is perfect to explore all the spots in Granada.