5 Majorcan theatre groups that will surprise you

Teatre de barra

How would you like to enjoy an amusing play while having a drink? The theatre in Majorca has recently acquired a new edge. The styles have been bought up to date and it is not unusual to go in a bar where a play is being put on and not only that, but new theatre groups and new ways of teaching and interpreting have emerged as something completely new on the island. We at Sol Hotels want you to get the most out of your holiday in Majorca. This is why we’ve prepared an exclusive list of the best theatre groups in Palma so that this winter you can enjoy the cultural life of the island at its best.

. Sala Trampa. A quintessential world of improvisation, known throughout Majorca, the Trampa Theatre was the first improvisational theatre group to start up in Palma more than 8 years ago and its members have never ceased to surprise the public with their hilarious improvisations. They also offer courses of theatre and theatrical writing for young people and adults.

.     Sala Delirious. This is one of the most alternative theatres in Palma. It was set up 3 years ago to show different types of plays that are a mix between interactive theatre, comedy, improvisation and music. Physical theatre courses are also taught, an art form that consists of interpreting theatre through the movement of the body.

  •    Café a tres bandas. This very bohemian café, which is an offshoot of the Sala Trampa, is located near the centre of Palma. Bold, innovative ‘Artimanya’ theatre is performed and Slam competitions are organized – poetry recitals where the audience chooses who should win. Book presentations and lectures are also held there.
  •    Teatro de barra. This is an idea for theatre that is organised three times a year and is very well received by the public. A common theme is selected for a script contest and 5 works are chosen to be acted out in the most important bars of a different neighbourhood in Palma one night a week.
  •    El Somni Produccions. A truly alternative theatrical company founded in 2011 that puts on ‘teatro foro’ (theatre of the oppressed), a type of theatre that tries to involve the audience in abusive or unjust scenarios which change the characters’ destiny.

Get to know what’s on offer culturally in Majorca with these types of theatre and enjoy a unique stay at the Sol House and Sol Beach House, open from the middle of next month. Your holiday is getting nearer!