Tips on how to keep cool this summer in Majorca

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At Sol Hotels we are absolutely certain that you shouldn’t wait any longer to visit the wonderful Island of Calm. And as you might guess, it’s gloriously hot in every part of this beautiful destination. Travelling to Majorca means lots of things. And in these months, more than anything, it means sun, heat, the beach and refreshing treats. It sounds good, doesn’t it? But the island is much more than just that, so this summer we want to make some recommendations to help you enjoy your holiday to the fullest in our Sol Resorts whilst protecting yourself from the long hours of sunshine and heat.

 Drink a lot of water

 Yes, it seems obvious, but we often forget that being hydrated is essential to combat the long hours of heat and so that our energy levels are not affected. If we don’t drink enough, we can feel tired and even dizzy. It is advisable to always carry a bottle of water and to drink regularly. 

Beaches? Yes please!

 It would be a madness to go to Majorca and not step foot on any of its heavenly beaches. In fact, immersing yourself in the crystal clear Mediterranean water is one of the best ways to combat high temperatures, so we absolutely recommend it. We especially advise you to visit the beaches of the coast of Calviá, Alcudia and Calas de Majorca. Remember that it is better not to be directly exposed to the sun in the middle of the day, so we recommend that you bring a sun umbrella.

 Shopping centres, what a great excuse!

 Without seeming too old-fashioned, sheltering from the heat in the fresh cooler air of the shopping centres can give you the chance to have a little stroll whilst you get some ideas about what souvenirs it would be nice to take home. For this quest, we recommend that you visit the capital and, specifically, Avenida de Jaume III, a wide street with luxury shops, and Calle de San Miguel.

 The Tramuntana towns and villages

 You will not exactly escape the heat, but you’ll be cooler thanks to the altitude. The villages of the Sierra de Tramuntana have a special magic that is well worth getting to know at any time of year and if it is during the summer, you’ll appreciate the added benefit of the temperature being a little bit lower. The most typical places are Esporles, Valldemossa, Sóller, Deia and Lluc.

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5 water sports to cool off this summer in Mallorca


Preparing for your trip to Mallorca? June is a month of changes on the island. It is the month of summer, drinks on the beach, sunsets in tank tops and those temperatures that make you want to get down to the beach and jump in the water. Maybe you have come to Mallorca with the intention of enjoying a few days of relaxation with your family, partner or friends, although, being honest, you will have so many activities to do that it will be very difficult for you to spend the whole day sunbathing. If you are one of those who likes the action and learning new things then here at Sol Hotels we offer you an exclusive list of all the water sports that you can practice during your stay on the island.


Although the waters of Mallorca are calm and peaceful, the truth is that it is one of the best destinations for surfing. Beaches such as Alcúdia or Son Serra de Marina are perfect places for surfers as well as camping enthusiasts who also come together to create a great atmosphere.

Kite Surf

The twin of surfing, and one of the most popular sports of the island that takes over the beaches of Can Pastilla, Palmanova, Es Trenc and Alcúdia every summer. Although it is a technique that requires a lot of practice, the truth is that those who practice it always describe it as one of the best sensations they have experienced.

Paddle Surf

The sport of the moment. One of the benefits of this sport is undoubtedly, the toning of the body as a result of the paddling action. Virtually all the beaches on Mallorca offer it and there are several companies with which you can take classes and explore specific routes.


Who would not like to discover the beautiful sea beds of the island? In Mallorca there are several diving locations and courses for you to immerse yourself in the picturesque Mallorcan landscape. The area of ​​Calvià, close to our Sol Resorts, is one of the most recommended locations to start this sport that is increasingly gathering more fans on our shores.


The perfect sport to sail the calm Mallorcan waters and sail from beach to beach. On many beaches, especially those close to the capital and the towns of the island, you can rent a single or double kayak for a whole day and explore the beautiful Mallorcan landscape.

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5 Majorcan theatre groups that will surprise you

Teatre de barra

How would you like to enjoy an amusing play while having a drink? The theatre in Majorca has recently acquired a new edge. The styles have been bought up to date and it is not unusual to go in a bar where a play is being put on and not only that, but new theatre groups and new ways of teaching and interpreting have emerged as something completely new on the island. We at Sol Hotels want you to get the most out of your holiday in Majorca. This is why we’ve prepared an exclusive list of the best theatre groups in Palma so that this winter you can enjoy the cultural life of the island at its best.

. Sala Trampa. A quintessential world of improvisation, known throughout Majorca, the Trampa Theatre was the first improvisational theatre group to start up in Palma more than 8 years ago and its members have never ceased to surprise the public with their hilarious improvisations. They also offer courses of theatre and theatrical writing for young people and adults.

.     Sala Delirious. This is one of the most alternative theatres in Palma. It was set up 3 years ago to show different types of plays that are a mix between interactive theatre, comedy, improvisation and music. Physical theatre courses are also taught, an art form that consists of interpreting theatre through the movement of the body.

  •    Café a tres bandas. This very bohemian café, which is an offshoot of the Sala Trampa, is located near the centre of Palma. Bold, innovative ‘Artimanya’ theatre is performed and Slam competitions are organized – poetry recitals where the audience chooses who should win. Book presentations and lectures are also held there.
  •    Teatro de barra. This is an idea for theatre that is organised three times a year and is very well received by the public. A common theme is selected for a script contest and 5 works are chosen to be acted out in the most important bars of a different neighbourhood in Palma one night a week.
  •    El Somni Produccions. A truly alternative theatrical company founded in 2011 that puts on ‘teatro foro’ (theatre of the oppressed), a type of theatre that tries to involve the audience in abusive or unjust scenarios which change the characters’ destiny.

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5 ideas for a different winter in Majorca


Are you thinking of taking a family break to the island of calm? Visiting Majorca in winter is an excellent chance of getting to know the ‘real’ island, the Majorca that the locals know. Far from the typical crowds of the summer months, this little piece of paradise offers a much more natural and calm face at this time of year. We at Sol Hotels want you to enjoy a unique experience this winter with this list of recommendations on all the activities you can do in Majorca during your holiday. Are you ready to enjoy them?

A cultural visit.

To the capital, Palma de Majorca is the perfect starting point for a trip that promises to be exciting. Architectural wonders such as La Seu -the Cathedral of Palma-, Cort -the Town Hall-, the typical and well-known las Ramblas, the Plaza Mayor, the Borne, the Principal Theatre and the Bellver Castle, among others, are a must. In the city you can also visit some of the island’s most representative museums such as Es Baluard, Caixaforum and the Joan Miró Foundation. And for the fashionable neighbourhoods, try a vermouth in Santa Catalina and enjoy a good meal in some of the restaurants in the port and the beautiful old town.

An ensaimada.

The legendary Can Joan de S’Aigo, is one of the most popular coffee shops in Palma, and one of the ones that have made history in the city. Once there, typical things to choose are a good hot chocolate accompanied by an ensaimada (cream cake) or a delicious coca de patata (sweetened potato cake). Don’t go at busy times since it can get full very easily especially at the weekends.

A tour through the villages of Tramuntana.

The villages of the Sierra de Tramuntana are the most beautiful in Majorca, not only for being immersed in the impressive mountains and valleys, but also for their picturesque cobbled streets and the unique charm that places have when they know how to retain their true essence. From Sant Elmo to Formentor, each town is worth a visit. Some of the most popular are Esporles, Valldemossa, Deià and Lluc.

Excursions everywhere.

Winter is the best time to put on your boots and go out to see the Majorcan mountains. Some of the routes you shouldn’t miss if you are a hiking lover, are the reservoirs of Cúber and Gorg Blau, the summit of Massanella peak, the passes of Deià, the Sierra del Cavall Bernat and Puig Major, the highest peak in Majorca.

And finally…

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Merry Christmas from Sol Hotels


Merry Christmas! So, without preamble, without a big introduction or making a drama of it, Merry Christmas from Sol Hotels and also a big thank you. Thank you very much for being with us, for being the person you are, for deciding on a fun filled holiday in Mallorca, full of unforgettable times and total relaxation. Thank you for making our work a real pleasure by giving us the pleasure of making you happy every day.

Although our doors are closed now so that we can focus on all the improvements we want to carry out, we at Sol Resorts would like to take the opportunity to give you some useful advice if you are thinking of enjoying a magical Christmas in Mallorca with your loved ones. This is a perfect time to visit the island, as it is engulfed in a huge show of lights, colours, and delicious smells and flavours, all the products of Mallorcan cookery expertise.

Without a doubt, all eyes are on the centre. The beautiful Christmas decorations fill the squares and streets of Palma with a special charm, perfect for strolling in the early afternoon. A good way to get your strength back after strolling amongst the Christmas lights is by enjoying a well-deserved hot chocolate and a “Coca de Patata’ pastry in the legendary Can Joan de S’Aigo, the typically traditional Mallorcan cafe that every winter brings together hundreds and hundreds of locals and tourists who are eager to taste the traditional delights that it prepares.

After this exquisite stop, it could be a good time to visit the Christmas markets that are set up throughout the city and where you will find every type of craft typical of the island, traditional foods and typical Spanish cuisine, scarves, gloves, handmade hats, traditional figurines, costume jewellery, sweets and trinkets; a whole range that will certainly be a help when you are choosing a souvenir to take home. The most popular Christmas markets are located in Plaza España, Las Ramblas, Plaza Mayor and Pueblo Español, an open-air museum that brings together miniature models of the most important national monuments.

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Alternative markets to visit in Mallorca


Autumn in Mallorca opens the doors to a large number of alternate activities among which include walking through the picturesque streets of Palma, discover the charm of its beautiful historic centre, the beauty of its villages, its typical produce and popular markets that can be found all around the island. A whole exhibition of tradition, craftsmanship and innovation that you have to explore during your holidays. For this reason, Sol Hotels have prepared a detailed list with the best popular markets in Mallorca so that you can take a bit of the island home with you.

  • Consell Market. One of the most famous markets in Mallorca, and not only because it is one of the oldest, but also because it is an authentic exhibition of handicrafts and refurbished furniture. It is located at the entrance to the town of Consell and houses a large number of handmade objects, furniture, utensils and works of art, all at a good price. Haggling is obligatory and you will often witness funny discussions about the prices of products. At the beginning of the market, they usually place perfect food trucks which provide the perfect place to relax and regain strength for more haggling.
  • Sineu market. This market combines the traditional atmosphere of Mallorca with a wide range of crafts, clothing and decoration. And not only that, but you can also find a wide variety of typical Mallorcan products such as sausages, cheeses, sobrasada and snacks which you can bring back from your holidays. The market is located in the centre of the town of Sineu, and is an excellent opportunity to get to know one of the most charming villages in Mallorca.
  • Santa Maria Market. Santa María is one of the towns in the Pla de Mallorca area (in the non-mountainous interior of the island) best known by the tourists and the athletes, as it enjoys an excellent climate practically throughout the year. Every Sunday a lively street market with typical products from the island is held in the main streets of the town, bringing together sausages, wines, traditional sweets and agricultural products of all kinds.
  • Tira’m es trastos. A very alternative market that began a few years ago in the neighborhood of Santa Catalina. This market shares the environmental philosophy promoted by Palma, and consists of a recycling project shared by the residents through the sale of second-hand items. It takes place one Saturday every month in the Pau Casals square and has musical performances, bar service and lots of entertainment.

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5 things to enjoy in Mallorca with children

So you have decided this year to have a family holiday and you have especially chosen Majorca. It’s the white island, the island of tranquillity, the island of beautiful landscapes and incredible sunsets. Travelling with children can be quite an adventure if activities are not planned well in advance. Working out the plans together, taking into account both your needs and those of your children can sometimes be difficult. At Sol Hotels we want to make things easy for you so we have prepared 5 things for you to enjoy in Mallorca with children during your well-deserved holiday in the Mediterranean.

A walk around the capital

The old town of Palma truly stands out; in it your children can explore the winding streets while learning about Majorca’s vibrant history. You can also discover magical places such as the Cathedral, the Town Hall, the walls, the famous Ramblas and the wonderful Paseo del Borne. Enjoy a pleasant walk through the centre of the capital, which will be like a magical journey.

A train trip

Is there anything more fun than getting to know part of the Sierra de Tramuntana by train? With the Tren de Sóller you can reach the beautiful town of Sóller after a beautiful journey with the mountains as a backdrop.

A theme park

Check out the Palma Aquarium, the marine park in Mallorca that truly stands out. In it you can explore marine fauna with more than 700 species including dolphins, sharks, rays and tropical fish. In the Jungle Park and the Forestal Park you can have adventures among the trees, coming down from long zip lines and completing a great variety of circuits whilst in the Hidropark and Aqualand you can slide down incredible chutes.

A route through the castles of Majorca

The best choice for your children to connect with nature and get to know the island’s history, the castles of Bellver, Alaró, Santueri, del Rei and Capdepera are wonderful buildings worth visiting during your trip to Majorca.

A hotel

From Sol Resorts we recommend our Sol Katmandu Park. A true theme park full of fun for the whole family in which your children will have a great time while you relax in front of the pool. Book with the best online price guaranteed and start enjoying your well-deserved holiday without missing out on anything.