A very special hotel: Sol Katmandu Park

Sol Katmandu Park & Resort is one of the most amazing hotel resorts in Majorca: original, unique and full of surprises. A surprising hotel? Of course, this is not a random hotel: it’s a hotel designed as an amusement park, recently built and with high-tech facilities, offering you personalized customer service in all languages.  A perfect place for your family holiday break: entertainment at the hotel itself. You don’t need to leave the hotel for any reason, except for swimming at the Mediterranean sea.

The hotel is a new project of Melia hotel chain and is part of  Sol Hotels family hotels portfolio, offering great facilities and excellent children’s services. Katmandu emerged some years ago on one the most original entertaining parks in the Balearic Islands: we first see an upside-down house on a garden that seems to be taken from an animation film.

themed park hotel in Majorca

themed park hotel in Majorca

Sol Katmandu Park has been awarded as the second themed park for families in Spain, the perfect place for families and especially for kids to enjoy holidays to the fullest due to the wide range of possible activities for both kids and adults. We must also stand out the advantages and excellent amenities of this 4-star hotel in Magaluf.

Magaluf with kids

Although Magaluf is known as a holiday destination for young people looking for extreme parties, sunny weather and beaches, Magaluf is also a nice charming town designed for quiet family holidays. It has many beautiful beaches, with light winds and swell, perfect for kids swim. We can find some aquariums, golf courses, children’s parks and excursion areas nearby.

The best hotels are located in front of the beach, close to a nice path along the coast, within just 200 – 250 meters from the beach, where the atmosphere is quiet and you can take a relaxing and pleasant break.

What to know about family holidays?

Many people thinks travelling with family is the best time for sharing, enjoying free time, and spending time with our beloved ones. On the other hand, some people finds it a hard daily routine they would prefer to avoid. Both thoughts are right, and both have positive and negative aspects.

Sometimes family holidays are wrongly organized and families don’t choose the right destination. In this article, we can find some recommendations for the perfect family holidays.

What family holidays should be

Family holidays with or without kids, with or without grandparents should be pleasant for the whole family, in order them to spend time together, discover new places, learn new things, support each other and share their hobbies.

Family-friendly hotel in Cadis

Family-friendly hotel in Cadis

Family holidays should also include some free time to rest and enjoy nice talks, as well as spending time independently, but without isolating from the rest of the group.

However, it’s not always easy to find a destination which everybody likes. PArt of the group would like to visit Malaga, but the rest would like to stay at a hotel in the centre of Granada. Everybody would like different things, and the balance among all interests is essential to enjoy a memorable holiday.

How family holidays sometimes end up

Unfortunately, due to poor organization and last minute decisions, family holidays end up being a caos and some family members end up arguing. Children want to watch a film, adults want to rest and some of them want to go for a drink and listen good live music.

When this happens, there are two alternatives: either you go on holidays alone, or stay with the family without doing anything, or not enjoying holidays in order to please the rest of the group.

The perfect family holidays…

Perfect family holidays include:

  • The right destination choice.
  • Choose those activities that the whole family would like and find the perfect balance
  • Everybody should know the length of the travel in advance.
  • Hotels like Vincci Bit or a hotel in Cadis, offer family packages which could be the perfect example of a correct organization.
  • In reference to holiday planning, you should never be authoritarian.