Hotel or apartment? Options for a family holiday on Mallorca

When we’re speaking of Mallorca, we’re speaking of a versatile place that allows you to enjoy tourism in all its shapes and forms. The island is the perfect choice for a romantic getaway with a view of the beach in Playa de Muro, but it’s also a great destination for a holiday with friends in places like Magaluf, Palmanova and Can Picafort, or senior tourism with group trips to Valdemossa, Deià or Pollença.

In this review of the many faces of tourism available on the largest of the Balearic Islands we’ve chosen to focus on family holidays. Due to its shape, size and wide range of leisure activities, Mallorca is an ideal place for those travelling with children and/or other relatives. So: when planning where to stay on the island, what should you go for – a hotel or an apartment?

Even if there are plenty of nice places to choose from (two great examples are Playa Garden Selection Hotel & Spa and Green Garden Aparthotel by Garden Hotels), it’s best to go through the pros and cons of each option first. Let’s go!

Playa Garden Hotel

Family life in an apartment

Life in an apartment can be wonderful, but it could also end up as a disaster. And why is that? Well, the desire to enjoy some long-awaited relaxation can make dealing with routine tasks (like ‘cleaning’, ‘cooking’ and so on) feel like a complete nightmare. Only families used to living in holiday apartments when travelling can successfully achieve that balance between rest and household chores.

How to avoid problems and unnecessary annoyance? Easy: an aparthotel. A winning option that gives you the independence you’re looking for without having to do the things you really don’t want to do during your holiday. What do they normally include? Basically: thorough cleaning of the apartment, sheet and towel changes and general maintenance of the apartment.

In search of the Dolçe Far Niente

If you’re looking for complete relaxation, not having to do any household tasks during your stay, then the ideal solution is to opt for a hotel where everything is done for you. The only things you have to worry about? Choosing at what time to go to the beach, finding activities to entertain your children, and deciding whether to have wine or beer with your meal. The true pleasure of the Dolçe Far Niente.

If you are travelling as a family, the only requirement there is when bookinga holiday is that the hotel must be family friendly, and that (apart from a children’s menu) they can offer your little ones fun activities, free of charge.

How to enjoy a genuine family holiday in Madrid

Although for many people the success or failure of a family holiday depends on the budget that is planned to invest (always with the misconception that a larger budget is always a guarantee), the truth is that -leaving aside savings- all family trip can turn into a positive experience if these three starting points are followed:

  • Choosing a suitable destination for the time of year when we travel.
  • Studying the tourist destination in depth paying especial attention to the advantages and disadvantages.
  • Planning things that can be done as a family (since traveling with children requires special extras that only parents know).

Taking these three practical tips as a guide and taking into account that in July is not as hot as in August, it is not surprising that many people choose Madrid as holiday destination in July.

Madrid is not the summer holiday destination par excellence for Spaniards living in the peninsula as the closest beach is 5 hours by car (in Valencia). Therefore, the capital is perfect to live an enjoyable Family Experience. Of all the hotels in Madrid you have to choose from, the Petit Palace hotels are the best option for this holiday adventure.

Plans for the whole family. One goal: have fun

Warner Parc in Madrid

Warner Parc in Madrid

  • Parque Warner Madrid

Considered as the safest theme park in Spain, Parque Warner is an ideal choice to give a touch of color and fun to your family trip. Located in San Martin de la Vega (about 22 kilometers away from the city center), this park is equipped with five themed areas and almost fifty rides for young and old. Its tower is the most amazing ride. It is the highest free fall in the world (so far).

  • Parque de Atracciones de Madrid

The popular and fabulous Parque de Atracciones de Madrid is located close to Casa de Campo, another option for the youngest members of the family as it is a play area well equipped to offer entertainment and fun for the family.

  • Ideal museums for children

One of the things that most clearly stands out to everyone who visits Madrid is the cultural offer of this city, especially designed for children. Within this wide range of museums, we can visit Casa del Ratoncito Pérez, Museo de los Bomberos or Museo de Ciencias Naturales.

Zaragoza, Barcelona and Granada, three perfect destinations for traveller families

It’s said that before travelling to other continents, you must know your country. Despite the beaches of Dominican Republic, the big avenues of Paris or the dynamism of London attract us (because we all want discover the world), our country has as amazing places as the capital of Tamesis or the narrow streets of Tullerias park.

These destinations are perfect for family holidays because, is there anything better than discovering our country in our own car with our beloved ones in summer?

Among many family friendly destinations, we stand out three of them today. Three historical places where to discover our culture and history. We are talking about Zaragoza, Barcelona and Granada.

Zaragoza, the magic of a stately city

Pilar Basilique, Zaragoza

Pilar Basilique, Zaragoza

It’s a world-famous city due to its gastronomy and the lovely accent of locals. Zaragoza is a perfect family destination and offers a wide range of leisure activities during summer. You can either enjoy a long walk or a must-do trip (like Pilar Basilique one).

Zaragoza is one of the best connected destinations in Spain, as it’s just 300 kilometres away from Barcelona, Valencia, Bilbao, Madrid and Toulouse.

The impressive Barcelona

Whatever we are looking for on our holidays, Barcelona is always a great option full of alternatives. It’s the perfect place for family holidays. This city offers high quality gastronomy, outstanding museums and amazing beaches like Barceloneta.

You can enjoy nice walks, running or cycling in Barcelona. Which is the best place where adults have fun and kids are safe? Parc del Forum, a closed space perfect for families with spectacular sea views.

Between tapas tours and Alhambra

Granada offers us a lovely jasmine aroma, traditional tapas and unique monuments like the Alhambra. Granada is also the perfect destination for family holidays. What’s the perfect plan? Visit Alcaiceria (the perfect place where to buy silver or bronze jewellery with Moroccan touches), reach the top of Albaicin and visit the popular Alhambra (book your tickets in advance). In conclusion, it’s a place where to feel the lovely Andalusian essence and traditions.

Three hotels in three perfect destinations

Vincci Zaragoza Centro

Vincci Zaragoza Centro is the perfect hotel for those families who want to visit Zaragoza from the best location in the city. This avant-garde hotel is within a few steps from the city’s old town and has its own parking (essential if you want to keep your family car safe) and offers bike rentals at affordable prices.

Vincci Gala

One of the best family friendly hotels in Barcelona in Plaza de Cataluña and Las Ramblas, Vincci Gala. This hotel is built on a 1900 building. It’s perfectly located and offers excellent extras to make family stays perfect.

Vincci Albayzin

This Arabic style hotel has all the charm of Andalusia. Vincci Albayzin is a perfect hotel for families who want to discover Zaragoza. The hotel’s staff treatment is excellent. This 4-star hotel location is perfect to explore all the spots in Granada.

Punta Cana with the family: plans and recommendations

As temperature rises, summer holidays approach and family holidays should be planned. Families look for relax, entertainment and disconnection from daily routines.

There are many destinations where to go on your family holidays, but just a few with such a fabulous landscape and leisure activities for the entire family as Punta Cana, a perfect place where to disconnect from family tasks and relax.

punta cana Catalonia hotels

The Dominican Republic offers travellers a wide range of family activities like water sports or excursions to natural areas. Which are the three best family plans in Punta Cana you cannot miss?

  1. Visit Playa Bavaro: recognized as one of the most beautiful beaches in Punta Cana, and the perfect place where to enjoy a long walk along the beach, diving in the deep sea and playing with the family until late. This must-visit beach in the Caribbean is really popular for its white sand and crystal waters.
  2. Practice water sports: Practicing sports with your family is a fantastic option on your holidays. Is it the perfect plan for adventurous families? They can start with a tour across mangroves and finish practicing snorkel at the Caribbean waters.
  3. A journey to the centre of the Earth: Visit the cave Cuevas Fun Fun, in the area of  Los Haitises, one of the most interesting excursions for families in Punta Cana. 7 kilometers of caves full of stalactites with a long history.



Are you looking for the perfect accommodation?

Choosing a comfortable hotel where to feel at home is a key factor that will make your family holidays in Punta Cana a successful or unsuccessful experience. Therefore, you should better choose a family hotel which meets all your needs.

family holidays in Punta Cana

family holidays in Punta Cana

The Dominican Republic has a wide range of hotels. In fact, family hotels in Punta Cana are really popular, like Catalonia Punta Cana hotel. This family hotel in Punta Cana is located in Playa Bavaro area and offers excellent services for kids and adults such as sport areas, pools, direct access to a lake where to play and gourmet gastronomy.

Visit Madrid with your family, entertainment for adults and kids

Madrid has a lot to offer. It’s full of museums, leisure parks and city tours, a perfect destination for a relaxing family escape.

Despite many people travels to Madrid in summer, it’s really hot in the capital in this season, so you should better travel in May or June. You should visit Madrid by foot (or by bus), therefore if you are travelling to Madrid with kids, you should better take advantage of cooler temperatures in this season.

Family Experience - Petit Palace Hotels

Family Experience – Petit Palace Hotels

There are a lot of hotels in Spain, but not all of them are perfect to spend your family holidays. The destination should offer attractions for  kids, interesting activities, gourmet restaurants and a great family friendly hotels. These hotels should offer extra services for families like: big rooms for 4 to 5 people, children menus, baby buggies, bikes for family tours, etc.

There are great family hotels in Madrid but in which area of the city? Are they perfectly connected with the city nerve centres? These are the favourite hotels of families looking for a city hotel for families in Madrid

  1. Petit Palace Cliper Gran Via Hotel: Petit Palace Cliper Gran Via Hotel is one of the best family hotels in Gran Via, a city hotel with excellent extras like toys for our children, WiFi, baby buggies and privileged location.
  1. Petit Palace Arenal Hotel: Petit Palace Arenal Hotel is another city hotel in Madrid designed for families. It was totally renewed in 2012 and connects Puerta del Sol with Opera. Which extras make it the perfect family friendly hotel? Gourmet breakfast, WiFi and high-tech rooms.
  1. Petit Palace Arturo Soria Hotel: Our last recommendation in this list of family hotels in Madrid is Petit Palace Arturo Soria, a hotel near IFEMA that is perfect for families enjoying mor than a week of holidays in Madrid. It’s perfectly connected with the centre of the city and its service and customer attention are excellent.

A very special hotel: Sol Katmandu Park

Sol Katmandu Park & Resort is one of the most amazing hotel resorts in Majorca: original, unique and full of surprises. A surprising hotel? Of course, this is not a random hotel: it’s a hotel designed as an amusement park, recently built and with high-tech facilities, offering you personalized customer service in all languages.  A perfect place for your family holiday break: entertainment at the hotel itself. You don’t need to leave the hotel for any reason, except for swimming at the Mediterranean sea.

The hotel is a new project of Melia hotel chain and is part of  Sol Hotels family hotels portfolio, offering great facilities and excellent children’s services. Katmandu emerged some years ago on one the most original entertaining parks in the Balearic Islands: we first see an upside-down house on a garden that seems to be taken from an animation film.

themed park hotel in Majorca

themed park hotel in Majorca

Sol Katmandu Park has been awarded as the second themed park for families in Spain, the perfect place for families and especially for kids to enjoy holidays to the fullest due to the wide range of possible activities for both kids and adults. We must also stand out the advantages and excellent amenities of this 4-star hotel in Magaluf.

Magaluf with kids

Although Magaluf is known as a holiday destination for young people looking for extreme parties, sunny weather and beaches, Magaluf is also a nice charming town designed for quiet family holidays. It has many beautiful beaches, with light winds and swell, perfect for kids swim. We can find some aquariums, golf courses, children’s parks and excursion areas nearby.

The best hotels are located in front of the beach, close to a nice path along the coast, within just 200 – 250 meters from the beach, where the atmosphere is quiet and you can take a relaxing and pleasant break.

What to know about family holidays?

Many people thinks travelling with family is the best time for sharing, enjoying free time, and spending time with our beloved ones. On the other hand, some people finds it a hard daily routine they would prefer to avoid. Both thoughts are right, and both have positive and negative aspects.

Sometimes family holidays are wrongly organized and families don’t choose the right destination. In this article, we can find some recommendations for the perfect family holidays.

What family holidays should be

Family holidays with or without kids, with or without grandparents should be pleasant for the whole family, in order them to spend time together, discover new places, learn new things, support each other and share their hobbies.

Family-friendly hotel in Cadis

Family-friendly hotel in Cadis

Family holidays should also include some free time to rest and enjoy nice talks, as well as spending time independently, but without isolating from the rest of the group.

However, it’s not always easy to find a destination which everybody likes. PArt of the group would like to visit Malaga, but the rest would like to stay at a hotel in the centre of Granada. Everybody would like different things, and the balance among all interests is essential to enjoy a memorable holiday.

How family holidays sometimes end up

Unfortunately, due to poor organization and last minute decisions, family holidays end up being a caos and some family members end up arguing. Children want to watch a film, adults want to rest and some of them want to go for a drink and listen good live music.

When this happens, there are two alternatives: either you go on holidays alone, or stay with the family without doing anything, or not enjoying holidays in order to please the rest of the group.

The perfect family holidays…

Perfect family holidays include:

  • The right destination choice.
  • Choose those activities that the whole family would like and find the perfect balance
  • Everybody should know the length of the travel in advance.
  • Hotels like Vincci Bit or a hotel in Cadis, offer family packages which could be the perfect example of a correct organization.
  • In reference to holiday planning, you should never be authoritarian.